Jul 052012
Devudu Chesina Manushulu

Album Details: Devudu chesina manushulu ( 2012)

Cast: Raviteja,Illeana
Director: Puri jagannath
Music: Raghu kunche
Producer: B V S N Prasad






1.Yemi Sethura
Singers: Chinmayi, Udit Narayan

2. Nuvvantey Chala
Singers: Adnan Sami; Joanna

3. Devuda Devuda
Singers: Anjana Soumya; Raghu Kunche

4. Disturb Chethannade
Singers: Suchitra

5. Subba Laksmi
Singers: Raghu Kunche

6.Nuvvele Nuvvele
Singers: Shreya Ghoshal


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  1. allu is super illi is suppppppppppeeeeeeerrrrrr devi is suuuuuuuuuupppppeerrrrrrrrrrrr

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